Let’s refresh on the Big Bang with Hawking, Sagan, and Clarke! :
(You can skip to minute 5:45 to skip lengthy formalities if you are short on time)


Before long there will be threads and posts and articles and comment-wars ALL right here in Outer Space.
This is Life in Outer Space

In the meantime – with the last video as a point of departure, having touched on the Mandelbrot as cosmological fractal simulations, return now to Youtube (Better Television) and begin 1 of Arthur C. Clarke’s “Fractals — Colors of Infinity”
He covers collective conscious, to randomness vs. predetermination, to other secrets of universal truths and beyond!

And a cool 3D Fractal Zoom-fest down and inward into some particularly good googopolis:

Go to to get the 3D fractal generator (free from a stellar community) used to make stills & animated videos like above. Cool thing is the lower your computing power, simply the longer it takes to initially render the content. But it’s got a GUI and it’s programmable so you can set it and go get a hot dog on toast with habanjeros. You can form the toast with a low intensity stress-fold around the dog.

Are we rendered with fractals and holograms ourselves? –

A great Fractals doc by NOVA was posted by this source at this external link (permissions unknown):

Coming soon, a whole menu bar atop whatever splash page hits you in the face when you come to, with features like the partially constructed: